Was macht Anifit Nassfutter so besonders?

The production of our high quality wet food takes place in Sweden. A country that not only plays a leading role in animal welfare, but also has the lowest rate of animal diseases in Europe. The quality of livestock farming and food processing is excellent and an important factor in our well-known Anifit quality.

Our cat food varieties are — which is natural for us — developed without animal experiments. In addition, our wet food varieties are all mad cow disease-free (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) and FMD-free (foot-and-mouth disease) tested.

  • high fresh meat content (90-99%), supplemented with vegetables and other natural products
  • exclusive use of natural products
  • exclusive use of meat that is also authorized for human consumption
  • no preservatives
  • no fillers and attractants
  • no fat additions
  • no animal meal or cadaver meal
  • no use of soy
  • no use of corn
  • no use of vegetable and cereal flours
  • only gluten-free ingredients

Our wet food is gently prepared by cold filling. The preservation takes place without additional preservatives — only by a gentle temperature treatment.

We have prescribed ourselves to a strict ban on animal flours, vegetable flours, preservatives, colorants, flavor enhancers, flavors and sugars, and other harmful chemicals.

Our premium cat food from Anifit covers 100% of your pet's nutritional needs and is therefore approved as a complete feed.

Many pets are much more vital after just three to four weeks after switching to Anifit's cat food, have a better metabolism and, in the long run, a higher level of performance.

Healthy animals have a significantly higher quality of life and also a longer life expectancy.

Kitten Food

Due to the balanced and natural composition of the cat food, every wet food of Anifit is also suitable for kittens!

Because of the high quality of the cat food, it is no longer necessary to distinguish between kittens, adults, large or small cats or seniors. It's like in the wild: there are no mice or bunnies on which "only for young cats" is written.

So you can serve your cat worry free, whether kitten, adult or senior, the high-quality Anifit wet food, they will thank you!

Do you have any questions about our cat food from Anifit?

If you have questions about healthy and appropriate cat food I am at your service, just use the contact form or send me an email to .

If you want to learn more about the species-appropriate diet of cats and dogs, I can recommend our free online webinars.

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