Über Hemingway & Igor

At the beginning of 2014, two Siberian tomcats moved in with us and of course I wanted to do everything right from the beginning!

At first, I still fed the breeder's recommended diet for a while, but at the same time informed myself about possible alternatives. The choices of different cat food is totally overwhelming, so I decided to study the ingredients and nutritional information carefully to find a healthy cat food.

After a long search, I finally found Anifit - a natural food-grade cat food with high-quality ingredients and no additives (sugar, glutamate, etc.), as they are often found in other diets.

At katzothek.de I provide you with my accumulated knowledge, so that you can also feed your pet healthy. Rummage through my blog or write me with questions. I am happy to help you personally!

You'll find many more great photos of Hemingway & Igor on our Instagram channel.

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